Click the VivAlign™ software shortcut, or find and click VivAlign™ .exe to launch the software directly. The Login window appears (Fig.1).

For standard online operation (connected to the Internet), enter the subscription Login (username) and Password and click Login. Note: Each VivAlign™ device requires its own separate subscription account (Login/Password). Attempting to connect multiple devices to a single subscription will result in the inability to log into the subscription.

For offline operation (not connected to the Internet), choose the Language and click Work offline.

Once logged in, the main window will appear. This dashboard-style layout provides access to all software functions and scan history.

Every screen of the program may be saved as picture by clicking the Screenshot button located at the upper-right of the main window.

To conduct a scan, a Card must first be created by clicking the Add button. Name, Gender and Birthdate are required. Adding a picture and other information is optional. All data will be kept in the online Database associated with the subscription account. For those users who prefer or require a high degree of privacy for their clients, consider using numeric or alphanumeric identification instead of actual names.

The Database is searchable by name. Cards are listed alphabetically in the Cards column, and may be edited or deleted.

Multiple Cards may be grouped together by creating Labels. Click on a Card, then click the Label button to assign a label name and color. The labeled Cards will now appear with their assigned color within the Card column, and may be seen together by using the Filter to display the particular label.

At the bottom of the Cards column, SCROLL arrows are available to navigate the entire list of Cards.

New Scan Mode

With the VivAlign™ device connected to the computer, choose a Card and click New Scan to enable the 10-finger interface.

Scan: Thoroughly wash your hands making sure fingers and fingernails are clean to avoid getting any dirt or bacteria on the camera lens, dry them and wait for 10 min before conducting the scan. Click Scan (or press Spacebar) to initiate a capture of each finger, one-by-one, starting with the Right Thumb.

Then place one finger at a time in the VivAlign box with the fingertip lightly pressing against the camera. Short, electrical pulses that you cannot feel that are tiny and harmless will stimulate an electronic emission in each fingertip to measure the energy or “glow” produced. The GDV technology captures this image without needing any special preparations or lighting.

A successful capture will provide a green checkmark. A red exclamation mark indicates either an incomplete capture or excess light was present. While an incomplete capture requires the finger to be repositioned for a second attempt, excess light, presented as flares or particles outside the ring, may be “cleaned” by clicking on the Finger’s Edit button to use the eraser tool to remove the surrounding artifacts. Be sure to not interfere with the main image (ring).

Notes may be added now, or at a later time. Once all 10 finger captures have been successfully completed, click Next and repeat the process, then click Analysis to submit the images to the server for processing. This stage will be confirmed as complete by the appearance of the Energy Field window displaying 3 views of the HEF.


Human Energy Field Windows

Presentation of front and side views of the entire HEF created in accordance with the meridian principle of the Tradicional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (fig.6). Energy index evaluates the energy of photons emitted by fingers in Joules. Balance index evaluates left/right balance of the body.

Left-clicking an area will enlarge the view in a separate window. 3D mode is available if the computer’s graphics resources (video card/memory) are capable of rendering the image.

Energy Centers

This screen represents the position of 7 main energy centers of the body in accordance with the ideas of Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Alignment index evaluate averaged position of the centers against the central line. You may see balanced view.


The three main parameters – Emotional pressure, Energy and L/R symmetry – as numeric results.


Presents three main the biorhythms for the chosen period of time.


Generates a list of products created by sophisticated software based on the results of your measurements.


Prepares a PDF file containing descriptions of the main parameters. Comments, recommendations and pictures may be added, and all included information is customizable for corrections and omissions.

Export to CSV

Allows for saving the main parameters in CSV format for further processing in Excel, Statistics and other similar programs. Fractional numbers are presented using the European style – with a comma separating the integer and decimal portions of the number. It may be necessary to enable European settings within the program to view the data correctly.

Tension Mode

This mode enables readings from two fingers to produce an analysis of the 3 main parameters. Typically, the Ring fingers (4L and 4R) are used for this scan. However, the use of other fingers is optional. As a result of this test the scales of the Emotional pressure, Energy and L/R symmetry will be presented.

Scan Management – what else you see on the screen

Within the main window, in the Scans column, you will see readings taken for the chosen card with date and time of recording. Each individual reading, listed in the Scans column, may be opened for review, deleted or sent to another account. Sending scans between accounts requires the exact spelling of the Login (username) of the destination account.

Scans are listed by date and time with types easily identified by the icon corresponding to the scan modes listed at the top-right of the main window – Full or Tension mode.

The Compare button will send a chosen scan to the compare compartment. A small, red number will appear to indicate how many cases are selected. Up to 50 scans, from the same or different Cards, may be compared at one time.

Left-Side Panel

This is the location of the following options: DATABASE, RECENT, COMPARE, RECEIVED, and CALIBRATION.

DATABASE: Returns to the main Database screen from any process.

RECENT: Displays the most recent scans.

RECEIVED: Shows scans received from other users.

COMPARE: Allows for comparison of up to 50 scans and saves the parameters as a CSV file .

Offline Mode

Readings may be taken when not connected to the Internet. Data will be saved in the computer and processed when an Internet connection becomes available.

In Offline Mode it is necessary to add a Name (Gender and Birthdate for Full Scan) and Select the mode of the Scan.

Readings will be saved in the computer. When next logged in online, an Upload button will appear; click it to send the data to the server to be processed.

Important Remarks

VivAlign™ device is best operated at room temperature and relative humidity not more than 50%.

During experiments, do not turn on/off electrical devices or use cell phones within the room where the VivAlign™ device is operating.

Presence of different people in the room may affect the measurement results.

Do not take measurements during strong atmospheric changes.

Be aware of changes in geomagnetic background (e.g. Sun and Moon rise/recess).

For general finger scans:

- Clean the person's fingers with a soft cloth before taking the reading.

- Clean the optical glass using a soft cloth after every set of scans.

- Fingers should be positioned on the fingertip.

- If light is preventing clean scans, reposition the fingers lower, especially the little finger or clean the image before saving it.

- For people with long nails you may erase the nail shadow before saving the image.