This mode is necessary to ensure stable device operation following changes of location and/or environmental conditions. It is recommended to calibrate when moving to various locations, or at least once per month of operation.  To calibrate:

  1. Remove the Finger Insert by holding the unit firmly while gently pressing downward and pulling outward.
  2. Connect the grounding cable to the spring knob on the top of the Calibration Unit (doing this after inserting the unit may damage the glass inside).
  3. Insert the Titanium Cylinder unit by raising and holding back the spring knob while carefully pushing the unit in until it clicks into place. Then, gently lower the spring knob until it rests on the glass.   NOTE: Do not let the spring lower quickly or abruptly, and be sure to not rotate the knob without first raising it. Failure to follow these procedures may result in scratching the glass, which is not covered by the warranty.
  4. Connect the other end of the grounding cable to the port located at the rear of the VivAlign™ device.
  5. Click Start and a test image will appear. It should display a full ring. If the image is having noise inside or distorted, clean the glass with a cloth and carefully check the position of the spring knob to be sure the Titanium Cylinder is resting evenly on the glass (raising before adjusting).

Calibration may take up to 20 minutes depending on the condition of the device, and/or environmental factors (i.e., high humidity).

Calibration data will be saved for all your scans and used for data processing.

It is recommended to calibrate at least once a month or more frequently in the following situations:

  • Moving to a new location;
  • Rapid change of weather conditions;
  • Presence of many people in the room;
  • New Moon phase.

In the Calibration window, the Information button displays identification and usage data for the connected VivAlign™ device.